Loss Adjusting / Surveying

Loss Adjusting continues to remain the core competence and the flagship service on offer by the Company. Our adjusters are qualified and capable to handle losses across Standard property policies, Engineering and Project policies, Business Interruption (BI), Advanced Loss of Profit (ALOP), Jewellers’ Block policies, Liability and Event policies, etc.


Valuation of assets to determine the sum insured to be opted under the insurance policy. Such exercise optimizes the premium amount for both the contracted parties and prevents probable disputes at the time of a loss arising under the insurance policy.
Value of assets is also worked out for amalgamation of companies, merger and acquisition of companies, evaluation of stamp duty on sale/purchase of fixed assets, for ascertaining fair market value for the properties mortgaged with banks / financial institutions.

Policy Audit / Policy Review

Review of the property, marine and business interruption insurance policies for their comprehensive cover.

Opinion on complex claims issue and / or cause of loss

Understand the circumstances of complex losses and redrafting it in simplified version for better understanding of the concerned parties. Also, commenting on the coverage of the loss under the particular insurance policy.
Our years of adjusting experience helps in better understanding of the unique occurrences.


Advisory functions comprises of advising the entities on insurance related matters, the type of risks involved in a business and the type of insurance to cover all their risks and mitigate the business risks.
Our decades of experience have also led to advising the Insurers / other entities on certain distinct and rare occurrences and their coverage vis-avis the insurance policies available in the market.

Legal interpretation of policy wordings and its implications

Provide legal interpretation of the policy wordings in view of the claim incident.